About Us

Driven by a genuine, honest desire to create a premium gin

We Are On A Mission...

... a bold mission to be the everyday pure spirit of choice for self-declared, discerning gin enthusiasts the world over.

Declaration is a gin that is not afraid to make a statement. New, exciting, bold, distinctive, and traditionally made in a copper still from 100% organic grain spirit.

With a heady blend of both exotic and homegrown botanicals including; juniper, ginger, Darjeeling tea, and liquorice.


Newly launched for 2019, our ultra modern, premium, artisan pure spirit may not have much of a past. But we’re confident it has a future amongst discerning gin-enthusiasts.

Created in collaboration with an artisan distillery, set in the heart of the British countryside. Genuinely made only from 100% organic grain spirit, and instinctively infused with a heady mix of premium botanicals and aromatics, this is a statement gin to enjoy every day.

Our Ethos

Everything we do is driven by a genuine, honest desire to create a premium gin. A gin that is made with passion and flair, with an instinct for what modern drinkers are looking for. Something distinctive and bold, a gin that dares to make a statement.