The Black Heart Foundation

With every bottle sold, 10% of profits goes towards supporting them.

Declaration are proud to support The Black Heart Foundation 🖤. With every bottle sold, 10% of profits goes towards supporting the work of The Black Heart Foundation 🖤

About the Black Heart Foundation

The Black Heart Foundation is a UK and US registered charitable organisation dedicated to improving the educational access, quality and outcomes for children from under-privileged backgrounds, children who lack the resources to pursue their ambitions and children that suffer impediments and setbacks in the pursuit of better due to poor health, nutrition, care or focus.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s goal is to inspire aspiration and remove barriers to achievement for the young people it helps and serves.


The Foundation accomplishes this in two ways. It distributes grants to community initiatives and programmes that provide assistance, encouragement, tutelage, coaching and pastoral care to talented, ambitious and committed young people.

It also provides bursaries and scholarships through its Black Heart Scholar Programme directly to students to assist them in their educational pursuits. These pursuits can be classical pursuits at secondary, tertiary school or beyond or they may be in less classical/conventional means such as internships, apprenticeships, professional qualifications and/or experiential learning and study programmes.

The charities that The Foundation supports in the US and UK provide a variety of educational environments for children and young people whose challenges arise for diverse reasons, such as family hardship, socio-economic disadvantage and/or physical or cognitive disability.

A sample list of beneficiaries to date include: Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy, The Institute of Imagination, Grassroot Soccer, Music of Life, Portobello Dance School, Beat Eating Disorders, Camden Arts Centre, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Chance to Shine, Greenhouse, Generating Genius, Amos Bursary Trust, Leap4Education and the King Solomon Academy. For more information please visit

The Black Heart Scholarship Programme

In 2013, The Black Heart Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme as a formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Programme invites candidates to apply for individual bursaries that are awarded annually.

These awards enable the successful applicants to advance their education, aiding the cost of studies and essentials such as books, travel, course material, accommodation, technology and involvement in extracurricular activities. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling as well, or to skills varying in professional qualification education. Since inception, the Foundation has granted bursaries to 90+ Black Heart Scholars, attending 45+ schools colleges, universities and programmes.